Friday, December 27, 2013

Shepard turned 2 months on Christmas Eve! I can't even believe it. Time goes by way too fast.
RECENT FAVORITES: (1) Shepard now loves to press and lay his cheek against mine. I absolutely love it. It melts my heart every time he does it. (2) Shepard is now smiling! I've been waiting for this to start happening since he's been born. He smiles EVERY time he wakes up and sees me. It is the most precious, cutest thing ever and makes me feel like I'm the best mom ever. (3) Shepard is starting to talk and coo a lot. I love it. He has the cutest little voice, and I love having conversations with him. (4) One of my favorite things is the fact that Shepard loves to sleep in! He doesn't usually wake up and want to get out of bed until 11am, which makes me very happy because I sleep in right along with him. His favorite spot to sleep is laying on my belly. I don't mind it one bit. I love snuggling my little buddy boy, and I am so glad that he is such a cuddle bug. (5) And my most recent favorite thing is that Shepard now recognizes and knows who his mommy and daddy are. It's so fun to see that when we are with a group of people Shepard can pick us out amongst the crowd and smiles when he sees us.


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