Matching Monday // 3 mo.

Monday, January 20, 2014

This morning when I was changing Shepard, I noticed that his little onesie matched the artwork above him! I had to take a picture, of course. I can't believe that my buddy boy will be 3 months in only 4 days! He is getting quite the personality and becoming such a little chatter box! It's so fun. And I just love him lots.
RECENT FAVORITES: (1) Shepard has the cutest bald spot on the back of his head. He looks like a little old balding man. It's adorable. (2) Shepard has discovered his hands! It's so fun to watch him look at them in such wonder and amazement. He will sit there forever just analyzing them. It makes me laugh, and it's addicting to sit and watch him do it. (3) Shepard smiles ALL of the time now! (I still have yet to get a good smiling picture of him. It seems that whenever I pull out the camera he automatically turns into serious mode. He's such a little stinker pot!). Just the other day my mom was making him laugh so hard! It makes my heart melt to see him so happy. (4) Shepard will look directly into my eyes and just stare and smile at me. I love looking into my baby boy's eyes and just wonder what he is thinking about. I love making eye contact and having very in depth (haha) conversations with him. Shepard also loves to look everywhere! He is constantly turning his head looking here, looking there. It is fascinating to watch as he soaks in and observes the world around him. (5) My most recent favorite is when Shepard smiles REALLY big after he eats and then smacks his lips together like he just ate the most delicious meal ever. I love breastfeeding and the wonderful bond that I feel with my little one every time he feeds. He still continues to hold my finger while breastfeeding, and it's these moments that I will cherish forever.


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