Sunday, February 9, 2014

Brooke and Kenzie are the best of friends and they wanted me to take some BFF pics for them. We had a ton of fun, and Brooke and Kenzie pretty much just laughed and goofed off the whole time! I had so much fun with this shoot because it reminded me of my best friend growing up, Lacey. Lacey and I were joined at the hip. And when I say joined at the hip, I mean seriously joined at the hip. When our parents would get sick of driving us to each other's houses and refused to take us, we'd walk 2 miles each and meet in the middle at a local store called Braum's where we'd stop and get biscuits and gravy and then either walk back to Lacey's house or my house. One time when we did this some punk high school kid threw a full sub sandwich at me out his window while driving. haha. We thought it was pretty funny. We literally spent every day together going on adventures, laughing our heads off (Lacey would always almost pee her pants), making music videos, creating our own language (KJELK POSHA), we even saw an eHarmony commercial once and thought it would be funny to create an eHarmony account. I think Lacey still gets emails from people who are interested. They must think it's really cool that our occupation was a Parrot Trainer. We had after school detention together, we stole my brothers car and drove to Branson (45 mins away) without either of us having a license (good thing we didn't get caught!) together. We even created the original makeup tutorial in high school.  The key is lots and lots of makeup. haha. We knew everything and anything about each other and spent every day together. We were there for each other through the hardest and best of times. We truly, truly were the very best of friends. And when they say best friends forever, the FOREVER part is so true. Even though Lacey and I live separate lives now having grown up, gotten married and have kids, when we get together it's as if time has never passed and we are still just big dorks and laugh our heads off until we almost pee our pants. Lacey will always be my best friend (second to my husband) forever and I will always cherish all of the fun memories we had together. DORKS TO THE END! Thanks for the memories Lacey, love you! Anyway, Brooke and Kenzie are such beautiful and fun girls and I'm glad that they have each other as best friends. 



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