Four Years & A Baby Boy

Friday, September 26, 2014

When Trav and I first got married I wanted to make it a tradition that we get our pictures professionally taken every anniversary. This year marks four wonderful years of marriage with my incredible husband. He is the love of my life and there is no one else I'd rather share this journey with. And we are SO happy that Sheppy now gets to join in on our tradition! I love my little family so, so much. They complete me. And we are so thrilled that the uber talented Tyson French captured magic for us. I will cherish these photos forever. Thanks Tyson! Mwah!


We chose three different locations that really speak to who we are: a local art gallery, Julia Davis Park and the Boise River.

Local art gallery (Stewart Art Gallery): I am an artist and a huge art enthusiast. I also love, love, love art history. I plan on getting my Master's Degree in Art History one day. We spend a lot of time going to art museums, art walks, and supporting local artists. I am trying to get a lot more involved in the local art scene and hope to show more of my art. I did have the privilege of showing and selling some of my art at a RAW Artist Event here in Boise when I was first pregnant with Shepard. It was so much fun to collaborate and see all of the other artists and showcase some of my art at this event. I hope to do much, much more of this.

Julia Davis Park: This is one of our most favorite parks in Boise. And the bonus is that we literally live minutes from it. It is right next to the Boise Art Museum and has a beautiful rose garden that you can walk around (and if you know me you know that flowers are one of the things that make me happiest). It has the zoo next to it. It has the greenbelt. It has the most beautiful tall lane of trees. We have gone on countless walks, bike rides, events, etc. here at Julia Davis Park. It is such a beautiful place to be.

The Boise River: We love the outdoors. We spend most of our spare time outside, whether it be camping, hiking, going on walks, being in the mountains, etc. But one thing we have right in our back door is the Boise River. We love going to the river! We go on numerous bike rides and walks on the greenbelt which is a bike path right along the river. We love to kayak down it in the summertime. We love to fish. We love all that this river has to offer. It is such a beautiful river and we feel so lucky to live just a short bike ride away from it. It is definitely one of our favorite things about living in Boise. :)

A little bit sultry, a little bit sexy. But, hey! It's our four years, sucka. We like to celebrate. ;)


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