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Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear Shepard,

Thank you for making me a mom - your mom. There is absolutely nothing else I would rather be. This morning, on Mother's Day, when I woke up (you and daddy let me sleep in) I came and gave you a huge hug and you hugged me back just as tight. I started to cry. We held onto each other for a good solid four minutes. I know you felt how much I love you just as I felt how much you love me - which is why neither of us wanted to let go. I didn't expect to cry, but I did. I couldn't help myself. I cried because I love you more than any amount of words could ever come close to describing. I cried because you make me happier than I ever thought was attainable in this world. I cried because you are mine and I am yours. I cried because there is an incredible and special bond between us that can't ever be explained. I cried because you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. That is the song my grandma used to sing to me when I was a little girl. It's the song your dad sang to me on our wedding day. It is the song I sing to you every night as you fall asleep. Because you truly are my sunshine. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for teaching me how to love even more than I thought I knew how to love. Thank you for making me happier than I ever thought possible. Thanks for loving me unconditionally. I love you more than you'll ever know and will always be your "mama bird".

love forever,

RECENT FAVES: (1) First off, I can't believe Shep is a year and a half! Sheesh! I know I sound like a broken record, but he is growing up way to fast!! And this little love bug of mine is becoming more and more fun every day! He is such a playful little fella'. He loves to wrestle with his daddy, play outside (Shep loves to play outside, like all day long. Some of the only times Shep throws a tantrum is when he wants to go outside and we can't because it's raining or something, which still doesn't always stop us from going outside and playing. haha. I just know that he is going to love all of the trips we have planned for this summer! He is going to be in absolute heaven), throw rocks in the stream by our house. He loves to play with his toy cars, animals, trains, blocks. He loves to throw and kick the ball around. He laughs his head off when you chase him around. He loves to ride on your back like a horse. He loves to snuggle and have books read to him. He can entertain and play by himself. You can tell he is developing quite the imagination. He'll sit there and play pretend with all of his toys. It's so cute! He loves to go to the park and run around and walk up the stairs and go down the slides (all by himself!). He loves to look for bugs outside. He likes to step on them but I'm teaching him not to. Haha. He is so much fun to play with and I love going on all sorts of little adventures with him! (2) This kid of mine LOVES animals! I swear 90% of the words Shep knows are animals and what animals say. Like it's crazy. Just to name a few he knows (and the sounds they make) horse, rhino, pig, giraffe, butterfly, owl, alligator, lion, bear, elephant (he can totally make the elephant sound with his lips. He's got skills. Trav can't even make that sound! haha), monkey, snake, etc. etc. One of his favorite books is a book full of all sorts of different animals and he literally knows every single one in the book. A couple of months ago we took Shep to the zoo and he was in heaven. The monkeys were his favorite! He kept just saying "ooh oohh ahhh ahhh." It was the cutest! And it makes me happy that he is such a huge animal lover like his mama. Shep is not scared of animals either. He will run up to any ol' dog or cat and try to pet them not matter how big or small they are. My parents recently got a horse and cow and Shep loves to visit them! And we of course have to go right up to them and pet them, for like hours. haha. (3) I love when we tell Shep to smile because he scrunches up his cute little face and squints his eyes! It's the cutest thing ever. I love it! (4) Shep is amazed by everything. He goes around all day just saying, "wow. woooow. wow." Hahaha. I wish I knew what was going through that little mind of his. (5) Shep is still the snuggliest kid out there. He LOVES to snuggle. And it makes me so happy, because who doesn't love to snuggle. (6) Shep is learning people's names. He has picked up on the fact that I call Travis, Trav. So guess what, Shep has started to call Travis, Trav! It's so cute. When he's looking for Trav, he'll walk around the house yelling, "Trav! Traaaaav!" I love it. He also calls my little brother Tate, Cate. He calls my brother Tryan, Try-Try. He calls my mom Bam-Bam. He calls Travis' mom, Nana. He calls Travis' mom's dog (Shep's best friend) Sophie, Oofie. He calls my dad Papa. He calls his neighbor friend Andy, Annie. (7) I just asked Trav what some of his recent favorite things are that Shepard does and his response was, "everything". And that's so true. Everything Shepard does is just the cutest. We love him so incredibly much and he is at such a fun stage right now! :)

I can't even believe how lucky I got with these two handsome guys by my side. Life couldn't be better. I am truly blessed. Oh, and THANK YOU to my super talented sister, Brooke, for taking these photos! I will cherish them forever.


  1. These pictures are amazing. You will love them forever. So sweet.

  2. So sweet! What size did you get in that shirt? I keep wanting to order it but get freaked out about sizing because of some reviews saying it runs super small...? You're a babe!!!

    1. Hey! I got it in a size medium. It was a little big when I first got it, but it shrunk some after washing and drying it and now it fits perfect! It's such a cute tshirt. I love it!! You should totally get it! :)

    2. Also! Your baby boy is the cutest!!! :) Congrats on becoming a mama! It is seriously the best.

    3. Yay! Thank you! And I agree it's the best! (Being a mama that is, but also the tee...:))

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