4 months // Toes And All

Monday, March 17, 2014

I know I'm late on this because Shepard will be 5 months next week (!), but these photos were taken during the past month. I can't even begin to describe how my love for Shepard grows every single day. Just when I think there is no possible way I could love Shepard any more, it happens just like that. I love him more and more every single moment that goes by. He is my light and joy. I love spending all of my time with him. Laughing with him, playing with him, reading with him, talking with him, cuddling with him, etc. He is the best and I love him more than words could ever express. Right now he is taking a nap and I already miss him! haha. Four months has been SO much fun. Shepard is learning and discovering new things every day and is doing new things every day! It's so fun to see his personality come to life and to see him constantly discover the world around him.

RECENT FAVES: (1) Oopsies! This is a game Shepard loves to play. When he is sucking on his binky I will pull it out and say "Oopsies!". Shepard thinks it's so funny and will start laughing! It's so fun to see him interact and think things are funny. (2) There are seriously a couple of words that Shepard knows what they mean. He knows what 'stretch' means. When he wakes up in the morning (and after his naps) I will lift his arms above his head and say "Streeeetch". He will then smile and start to stretch his whole body. He also knows what 'ready' means. We play a game where he stands really high on my legs up in the air and I'll say, "Ready? Reaaaady?" and then drop him to his bum. As soon as I start to say 'ready' he'll open his eyes really wide and start laughing because he knows that the drop is about to come. It's so fun! And my favorite words that he knows is "Can I have a kiss?". When I say this Shepard will open his mouth wide and I'll put my cheek on his lips. He then gives me a really big smile and wants to do it over and over again. Which I don't mind one bit. I love getting kisses from my Shepard Boy! He also knows "Peek-A-Boo", which is another one of his favorite games. (3) I love nighttime story reading. Shepard will actually look at the pictures on the books and listen to the story. We read a couple of books every night before I put him to bed. I love to sit there in the rocking chair snuggling Shepard, smelling his yummy freshly lavender scented shampoo hair and lathered body, the sun just setting, reading a story with my little boy and watching him enjoy all of the illustrated pictures. It's calming and relaxing and just a wonderful bonding time between my little one and me. I also love peeking through the crack of the door on the nights when Trav takes a turn to read Shepard some stories. It's such a special and touching sight to see the two people I love most just snuggling reading stories. It's really the simple things that have the most memorable and special moments, huh? (4) Shepard LOVES to look at things upside down! Haha. It's so funny. He'll be sitting on my lap and then just all of a sudden throw himself back so he can look at the world upside down. I'll try to pull him back up but he refuses. He loves it. I like to say he's going to be an artist because he likes to look at the world in a different perspective (upside down) than just normal. (5) Last but not least, I love to see how much Shepard loves his dad. Every day when Trav comes home from work Shepard gets the BIGGEST smile on his face and instantly reaches out to Travis. He loves his dad and loves being with him. His favorite thing to do is pull Travis' beard. He thinks it's so fun and laughs every time he does it. They have such a special daddy/son bond that is just something words can't describe the deep love that is between the two and it is absolutely endearing to watch them together. 


  1. Love that last photo! He is seriously perfect, just so cute!


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