5 1/2 months // Mr. Stripes

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sorry to say, but I'm pretty sure I have the cutest baby boy that has ever existed! I mean, come on, look at him. Who could resist such a handsome fella'? Not me, that's for sure! Well, 5 months so far sure has been one for meeting some pretty major milestones! We're talking sleeping in his own crib in his own room rather than in his bassinet in our room (I know, it took me forever to finally do this, but now that I have I sleep much better. haha.), eating solids (!), sitting up by himself (another !), rolling over (only half way. from stomach to back), etc. etc. etc. It has been such a fun adventure watching Shepard grow up and learn knew things every day! I just love him. More and more and more and more every single stinking day. I know that most of the posts I put up of Shepard are him with his teddy bear, Mr. Stripes. But, he seriously loves his teddy. He has developed quite the attachment with him. And it's quite adorable. Whenever Shep is fussy I'll bring out Mr. Stripes and he will give me a big smile and then start to wrestle with him. It's so cute. 

RECENT FAVES: (1) Shepard has become super playful. He loves to play with all of his toys. He can now just sit there and entertain himself with toys for a long while. Which is nice because he doesn't demand so much attention from me anymore so I can now actually get things done. :) His favorite toy to play with is Mr. Stripes, of course. (2) Whenever we take Shepard on a walk he is very serious. He will just sit there in his stroller with a very contemplative look on his face. You can tell he is just observing everything and soaking in the outdoors like a little sponge. It's serious business you know. (3) Just the fact that I can't wait until Shep wakes up from his naps because I miss him. Yes, it's nice to be able to get things done when he sleeps, but it's even better when I get to play with Shepard when he wakes up! (4) Shepard is the king of nose diving these days. He has to touch, grab, eat everything he lays his eyes on! He'll be sitting on my lap, see his toy on the ground and then lunge after it. We have to be careful because he would literally jump out of my hands if I'd let him just so he could grab whatever is in his sight. (5) Shepard does the fakest cough I've ever seen. haha. He does it to get attention. It is so adorable and makes me laugh. Like today when Trav got home from work Shepard was super happy and smiley and wanted Trav to come play with him. But first Trav wanted to change out of his work clothes. While Trav was in the other room Shepard started to fake cough a ton. And as soon as Trav walked in the room and held Shepard, he stopped coughing and started to smile and laugh! He is such a little silly boy. And I'm so glad he's mine.

Stay playful, little one. 
Mommy and daddy love you. 


  1. adorable... the your photography is incredible!

  2. What a sweet and incredible handsome little fella. Love him!


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