Throwback Thursday | September 4

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today is Thursday, right? Haha. Being a stay-at-home mom sure does make all of the days blur together. Anyway, I am a believer in photographs. One of my favorite things to do is go to my parents house and look through their piles upon piles of printed pictures. There are pictures of my parents when they were first married (let's just say the style sure has changed QUITE a bit since then. haha), to all of us kids, to some of the old houses and places we lived (I was born in Chile, South America and moved back to the States when I was only 3 weeks old so it's really nice to see the pictures from Chile), to family vacations, to holidays and to just everyday adventures at home. It's so fun to reminisce on old memories and to have them be brought back to life through photos. It's also fun to see how styles, hair-dos, etc. have changed throughout the years. Like when I was younger all I wore were oversized t-shirts with a huge Garfield or Tweety Bird on the front, a scrunchy in my crimped hair, and socks with tons of colorful beads that dangled from the top. Oh, the 90's. haha. Anyway, so when Trav and I got married I knew I wanted to start a tradition that every year around September 4 (our wedding day) we would get pics of us taken so that we can look back through the years and see how much we've changed, how the styles have changed, how our family has grown, how our kids have grown, etc. I imagine a day when Trav and I are old and wrinkly, sitting on our front porch in a rocking chair with a crocheted shawl around my shoulders, drinking lemonade that we probably won't even be able to taste, looking through old photos and reliving such precious and cherished memories. And probably making fun of how we look like such babies when we first got married. Haha. Until then, here are some pics from the past 3 years. 

*photo credit: Heather Nan


*photo credit: First Mate


*photo credit: Sara & Dylan


*photo credit: My sister, Brooke

2013 was really special because I was pregnant with Shepard. And this year Shepard will get to be in the photos! So excited :)


  1. This is so cute! I love the idea of doing pictures each year. I also just love your blog and your little family is just adorable! <3

  2. Thanks!! I LOOOOVE your blog too! :) Your food always looks SO delicious!


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