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Monday, June 9, 2014

I know this is a little late because Shepard turned 7 months on May 24, but he sure is developing all sorts of new skills! We're talking army crawling (!), sitting up by himself without falling over, high-fiving (his favorite thing to do! He thinks it's so fun), drinking from a sippy cup, eating bits and pieces of grown up food and lots of baby food and snacks, swimming (another one of his favorites), rolls around everywhere, etc, etc, etc. He is such a spunky kid and we love him to a million pieces.

RECENT FAVES: (1) Shepard is such a goof! He seriously LOVES to laugh. It doesn't take much to make him laugh, which makes me feel like I could take up being a standup comedian. haha. He also cracks himself up. He'll laugh when he sneezes, when he does his fake cough, when he takes a bath, when he plays with his toys, when he babbles and even when he toots! He does a little snort when he laughs really hard which is completely adorable. Shepard brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. And I love spending every minute with him. (2) We've taken Shepard swimming in Nana's pool a couple of times now and he thinks it's the funnest thing in the world! It is so cute to watch him kick his little legs under the water. He's very focused about it (like sticks his tongue out in pure concentration focused) and kicks his little legs like his life depends on it! haha. It's just the little things he does that crack me up! (3) He's such a wiggle worm. He jumps like crazy in his jumper (it's so funny to watch), dances to music (another one of the cutest things he does), rolls around everywhere and has started to army crawl! He is getting so big, and it really is bittersweet to watch him grow up right before our eyes. The first time Trav and I watched Shepard army crawl to get a toy I got all teary-eyed because my baby boy is growing up so fast. Sometimes I wish he could stay little forever, but then again, it is so fun to watch him grow up and learn to do new things and see his personality grow. (4) Shepard is crazy when it comes to drinking water out of a cup. If he sees me drinking water out of a cup he starts to wave his arms like a mad man and stares me down until I come over and give him a drink. He then kicks his legs in utter excitement and takes sips of water from the cup (and spits out, haha) with the biggest grin on his face. (5) One of my favorite things about Shepard is his personality. Shepard is one of the happiest, easy-going, chill babies I have ever known. He makes life so easy for us. He is just happy and content wherever he is. Even as an infant Shepard was super easy and people would tell us "just you wait, it won't last long". I guess I am still waiting, because he is still such an easy and fun baby! We are so lucky to have Shepard! Words can't even describe the deepest love and bond I have with my little boy. He is my purest sunshine. And I can't even imagine life without him.

I love you sweet, baby boy. Mwah! xoxo
love, mommy


  1. He sounds like a joy, and is super cute! :)


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