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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sheppie G (our newest nickname for Shepard) turned 8 months old last week when we were vacationing in Carlsbad, California for a family reunion! And while we were there Shepard sprouted his first two bottom teeth (eek!), which resulted in him being super clingy to me and just wanting me to hold him the whole time ;). But, there were moments where he was THRILLED to go play in the waves with daddy. He also loved to wiggle his toes in the sand and eat lots of sand (of course)! haha. We had such a blast swimming in the ocean, laying out on the beach, playing beach volleyball and football, seeing dolphins, walking around the town, eating lots of ice cream (duh), eating at Cessy's (the best Mexican food ever), hanging out with family, going strawberry picking, being at Zoe's baby blessing, etc. On our way to California we made a short trip to Arizona so that we could meet my newest niece, Zoe. She is seriously so adorable. Congrats Trent & Niki on your beautiful baby girl!

RECENT FAVES: (1) Sheppie has become the master at giving really big hugs. He wraps his little arms around my neck, squeezes tight and nuzzles his head into my neck and shoulder. I love his hugs. And so does he. And there is nothing better. (2) Shepard is such a little flirt. Like when we were eating at a restaurant in Carlsbad, CA, there was a 7 month old girl sitting at the table right next to us. Shepard kept laughing and smiling at her and would reach out and grab her hair (his form of flirting). He loved interacting with her and you could tell he had a total crush on her! haha. (3) Shep's first two bottom teeth have come in and they are absolutely adorable. I love his big grin and seeing those pearly whites peeping through. He's starting to look more and more like a little boy and teeth definitely make him look so much older! (4) Shep loves to synchronize his voice with mine. We'll sit there forever just going "ahhhhhhh" on the same pitch and sound. It's so fun to do with him. And it is what entertained him a lot of the way driving to California. haha. (5) My favorite thing right now is how happy Shepard is. He really is one of those "smiley" babies. He is such a happy boy and loves life. He also has THE cutest giggle in the whole world. He does it when he knows he's being naughty. Like when he rolls over and tries to hurry and crawl away when I'm changing his diaper. haha. Or when he does the cutest squeal/giggle when Trav comes home from work. Like he can't even contain his excitement sort of squeal! It's so adorable. He laughs so much at anything and everything and it just makes being a mom the best thing ever.
MORE RECENT FAVES: (6) Shep loves music. He dances to it every time it's on and I swear he tries to sing along. (7) Shep loves to pick up really tiny things. It's so cute to watch how concentrated he is and see his little fingers grab such little things. (8) Shep is such a good traveler. He did so well traveling to California which made the trip even that much more fun. (9) Shep is such a little chatter box and will just babble all day long. (10) Shep has become quite the army crawler. He crawls everywhere around the house and has become such a little speedy Gonzales at it. :)

Shepard and Travis are the two best things that has ever happened to me. I am one lucky lady :).


I just want to give a shout out to this guy! Because while we did have a ton of fun at the beach, there were times when I broke down in complete exhaustion because I was surviving on very little sleep (Shep did not sleep very well at all on this trip) and was worn down from Shep clinging on to me 24/7 (dang teething!). Trav helped as much as he could with Shepard and made sure to massage my back at nights :). He also helped me relax and reminded me to enjoy every moment that we had together as a family. Trav is my rock and I don't know what I would do without him. I love you honey! You da' best. Like, seriously. The absolute best.


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