Zoe Marie | Baby Blessing

Friday, July 4, 2014

Introducing to you my newest, cutest, littlest baby neice, Zoe Marie! We had the lucky privilege of going to Zoe's baby blessing last week that was held at my sister-in-law's parents house in California. It was a small gathering with just family to celebrate Zoe's special day. It was such a beautiful and intimate blessing. I also love Zoe's blessing dress! Zoe's blessing dress was worn both by her Grandma Dawn and her mom Niki when they were blessed. How special is that!? After the blessing I stole Zoe for a few minutes to capture some shots of her in her beautiful dress on her beautiful blessing day! Congratulations Zoe on your blessing day! You are beautiful and your Auntie GG loves you! :)


I love this shot because it totally looks like Zoe is saying "Wahoo! It's my blessing day suckas!"


  1. Such beautiful pictures!!! I love that she was blessed in the same dressed Niki and I were blessed in. How I wish my mom was here to enjoy the day with us. Thanks for taking such great pictures. You are amazing!

  2. The last comment was not from Niki it was from Dawn, her mom. I'm sure you figured that out.


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