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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shepard turned 10 months old on August 24, and to celebrate we went and picked apples at an apple orchard! (We also bought a ton of delicious peaches and other fruits/veggies from the local farm store. YUM!). Shep loved putting his teeth to good use by trying to bite into his apple he picked from the tree. He had some success by biting off a tiny little chunk. He was pretty proud of himself and in good Shepard fashion clapped at his accomplishment! We had such a fun day and Shepard loved every second of crawling around outside and biting into apples. I love this little boy of mine more than words could ever express. And I feel so incredibly blessed and lucky to be his mom. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

RECENT FAVES: (1) Shepard has advanced from army crawling to crawling on all fours!! He's a little speed demon! And you can tell he loves the new freedom this brings him. He can now get anywhere and everywhere super fast, and it is so much fun for him. (2) One of my favorite things Shepard started doing is that when you give Shepard a hug he will give you a hug back PLUS pat your back. It is so precious and I love feeling his little hand patting my back. (3) Shepard is starting to say some of his first words! His very first word was dada (and mama), but he can now say duck, dog and ball. (3) When I go to check on Shep while he's taking a nap or sleeping at night I'll sometimes find him sleeping with his bum in the air. It is the cutest thing ever. (4) Sheppy loves to clap his little hands! Whenever we say, "YAY!" Shepard instantly starts clapping with a huge grin on his face. He totally knows that he makes us so proud of all the "big" boy things he can do! Shepard is turning from a tiny baby into a little boy so, so fast. It is bittersweet. It is sweet because it is fun to watch him grow up and learn new things and discover the world around him, but bitter because I want him to always stay little. He will always be my little baby boy no matter how old or big he gets. (5) One of the sweetest and my most favorite thing I love to see is when Shep will peek his head around the corner or from behind the door and give you the biggest smile ever. It melts my heart. I LOVE YOU SHEPPY!


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