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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

For the past 3 years, Travis and I have joined in on Trav's stepdad's family (the Sayer's) reunion at Redfish Lake. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. The lake is crystal clear with the huge and rugged Sawtooth Mountains right in front of you. The pine trees meet right up to the lake's silky beach shoreline. The air is crisp and fresh (mountain air is my most favorite smell ever). The afternoon thunderstorms are relaxing and reflective. The nighttime camp fires are contemplative. There are such amazing sights, sounds and smells that can only be experienced in the mountains, and what better place to experience it all than at Redfish Lake. Because Trav just started a new job (WAHOO! Go honey!) we were only able to go for the weekend. But, we made sure to pack the weekend full of everything the mountains/lake have to offer. We had such a fun time camping, mountain biking, exploring, paddle boarding, tubing, smore making, family hanging, late night talking, laughing, etc. etc. etc. Redfish Lake is one of my favorite trips that I look forward to all year. Also, the Sayer's have a tradition at their family reunion called an Awapahui. An Awapahui is setting a goal for yourself while at Redfish Lake that you wish to achieve. For example, I am INCREDIBLY afraid of heights. SO. Our first year at Redfish Lake my Awapahui was to jump off the 15 ft rock into the lake. It only took me 45 minutes up on the rock to muster up all of the courage I had inside of me to finally jump off. But, I did it! Only once. And then I was good to go. haha. And I achieved my Awapahui! The second year my Awapahui was simply just to go camping while 8 months pregnant. A feat in it of itself! And this year my Awapahui was to create some sort of art while I was there. Why? Because Redfish Lake truly is an amazing and beautiful place. At the beginning of our trip I focused a lot of time looking up in awe at the majestic Sawtooth Mountains and being mesmerized by the crystal clear lake. But while Trav and Shep were taking a nap I decided to go exploring. While on my walk around the mountains I noticed how beautiful just looking down at the ground was. There was so much interesting color, texture, shapes, lines, rhythm, patterns, vibrancy, energy etc. It was beautiful! I found my art and my Awapahui. I made it a goal to try and capture the textures of nature at Redfish Lake. By changing my focus and attention off of the obvious beauty (the Sawtooth's and the lake) I was able to see the beauty in the ordinary. The ordinary things we see on the ground or don't see because we are always looking ahead or up. This also became a metaphor for me. That we need to focus more of our energy and time on the present not always looking up or ahead. And that we also need to find joy and happiness and beauty in just the plain old ordinary parts of life. Instead of always looking and hoping for the future. One of my favorite quotes by Walt Whitman is, "Happiness, not in another place but this place... not in another hour, but this hour." 

Anyway. Thank you Sayer's for letting us join in on your family reunion! We love coming! And thank you for the Awapahui tradition that helps us create goals to do something that we may not have done otherwise. Until next year! :)  


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