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Friday, October 17, 2014

Once again I'm super late on posting this, but Shepard turned 11 months on Sept. 24, which means in exactly one week Shepard will be turning one! I can't even believe it! This little boy of mine is growing up way too fast. Shep is a total heartthrob and our little bundle of joy. :)

RECENT FAVES: (1) When Trav is in the other room Shepard will yell, "Daaaaaa. Daaaaaaa!" and waits for Trav to say "Whaaaat?" And then Shep will smile super big and thinks it's so fun. It really is the cutest thing ever. And then when Shep is in the other room we started saying, "Sheppppp. Sheppppp!" And he'll say, "Ya!" It's so fun to start actually communicating with Shepard. You can tell he understands so much and is learning new words every day. His voice is so cute. (2) We all know that Shep is totally obsessed with dogs, right? Well, he now barks and pants like a dog. It's adorable. He'll stick his tongue out like a dog and start panting like them. And if you're lucky, he'll lick you because he thinks he's a dog. Haha. (3) Shep does the cutest little bear crawl. Like if he is crawling outside or on wood floors he will crawl on hands and feet, like a bear would. It makes me laugh. (4) Shep loooooves being outside. We seriously go on like 4 walks a day, go to the park pretty much every day, play in the backyard, etc. etc. etc. This kid insists on being outside. Which I don't mind one bit! We're happy he loves the outdoors because he is always so happy and content when we go camping or hiking. It makes life a lot more fun! (5) Shep refuses baby food and will only eat "grown up" food. He is such a big boy. His absolute favorites are spaghetti, peaches and peas. He will seriously eat a whole cut up peach for breakfast. It's crazy. haha. (6) Shep's favorite toys are sticks, rocks and dirt. Haha. I'll put toys out for him to play with outside but he'll crawl past them and go for the rocks and dirt. He likes to call rocks "ball". It's really cute. (7) Shep thinks he can sing. When I have music playing he'll try to sing along (more like a monotone aaaaaaa). And when I sing him songs at night before bed he tries to hum along. He also loves to dance to music too. It's adorable.  (8) At church a few weeks ago during the hymn, Shep saw the chorister leading the music and he thought she was waving to him so Shep started waving to the chorister throughout the whole song. It was hilarious! We were dying laughing. I'm glad we have Shep to keep us entertained during church. ;)


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